Mariam Akiror

Mariam Akiror

Advocacy and Communications Coordinator, Action Against Hunger USA-Uganda Mission

Ms. Mariam Akiror, a National of Uganda is responsible for leading the Action Against Hunger USA-Uganda Mission Advocacy and Communications work.

Since December 2021, she is coordinating an Advocacy Campaign under the 5 years Right to Grow Project funded by the Dutch Government on Communal Production, Consumption and Marketing of Nutritious Food Crops in the 2 District Local Governments in Adjumani and Yumbe that has seen Community Landlords donate 3480 acres of land to 1,620 individuals from both Refugee and Host Communities.

Prior to joining Action Against Hunger, Mariam worked for International Food Policy Research Institute as the Advocacy Specialist Africa Region HarvestPlus from July 2016 to April 2019.

In 2017 and 2018, Mariam jointly with the HarvestPlus Head of Public Policy & Advocacy Ms. Margaret Willingham participated in the US Congressional and Senate Advocacy Meetings that resulted in the mention of Biofortification in the Report of the US Senate Committee on Agriculture and its recommendation for funding under USAID Feed the Future.

In May 2022 at the African Union CAADP Meeting, Ms. Mariam was recognized for her pivotal role in the positioning of Biofortification into the African Union Development Agenda that resulted in an African Union Continental Declaration on Biofortification. In August 2018, Mariam received an Accolade from the International Sweet Potatoe Center-CIP in Appreciation for committed and dedicated service to Combating Hidden Hunger through Nutritious Food Basket.

In January 2016, Mariam was recognized by the EU Representative to Uganda as the best Project Implementer for the EU Consortium Project on the Elimination of Violence against Child in the Schools and Community and in November 2006, Mariam was a Recipient of the Best Junior Investigator Honour Award for the 2nd African Congress on Pain held in Tripoli Libya.

Mariam has over 17 years of professional experience in leadership positions implementing a wide variety of Programs/Projects related to; Policy, Advocacy, and Communications on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture, Health, Human Rights, Child Protection, and Clinical Care of HIV/AIDS and/or terminally ill cancer patients and their families at global and within Africa at continental, regional, national, and subnational levels with several Non-Governmental Organizations.

Mariam holds a Degree in Law from Kampala International University, a Diploma in Social Work from Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development, and a Certificate in Intellectual Property & Access to Medicines from the University of Kwazulu Natal.

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